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November 21, 2013

Response to Mr. Farmer

Response to Mr. Farmer

In the letter titled, “Who is Wrong” What is Wrong” ((Carriage Towne News 10/31/13) by Karl V. Farmer of Hampstead, he asked the question, who is Barack Obama?

Mr. Farmer skillfully and completely states many of the statements that have been made about this president.

Who is wrong? The Tea Party (Haters) are wrong and I will prove it in a moment.

What is wrong? Mr. Farmer says, and I quote, “is it what I have been saying for years, just plain greed?” (End of quote).

I agree, greed is an integral part of what is wrong but I would add fear and racism.

I feel that the Tea Party is just a “racist sham” because think about it – why did the Boston Tea Party happen in the first place? The colonies were being taxed without representation, which led to the issuance of the Declaration of Independence – which led to the War for Independence. (American history 101)

So why do we have/need a Tea Party now?

Fighting for representation was circa 1776, approximately 337 years ago, and the United States won! We all live in the greatest and most powerful country on the planet, and this Tea Party feels that they don’t have representation?

I know I do – I vote.

These Republicans/Tea Party types keep whining because they lost an election –hell at least they had an election to lose.

The president said it very succinctly when he stated, “If you don’t like the way the country is being governed you don’t shut down the government; you go out and win an election”.

The ability to vote freely is the cornerstone of a democracy.

Mr. Farmer’s point about greed being a contributing factor is well taken as statistically America moves closer to being in an oligarchy. And an oligarchy is when a small percentage of people (or corporations) control the vast majority of wealth in a capitalist society, then what you have in effect are dictators (Think Koch brothers).

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