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Letters to the Editor

August 29, 2013

Response Sylvia R. Kennedy

Sylvia R. Kennedy of Exeter joins a letter-writing campaign to Carriage Towne News on “Medicaid Expansion” and writes to urge New Hampshire to accept the mandates of Obama-care.

She correctly writes, “health insurance is to protect event of a catastrophic medical shock.” The problem is that Obama-care, with its new mandated coverage, changes this risk-sharing into a system where even routine expenses for self-induced problems are paid for by strangers. It includes in “risk-sharing” anyone who signs up on the eve of surgery (the “pre-existing conditions” deception), and it mandates coverage for adults with free-riding adult children living in the basement. Those who voted for Obama-care didn’t see insurance as risk-sharing, but as a pot of money they could raid and spend.

Dr. Kennedy addresses poor people using the emergency room for primary care. (Some also use ambulances as free taxis to get there). She writes that, “Not only is this delivery of care costly and inefficient, the rest of us pay for these costs....” This puts the cart before the horse; the reason we pay extra costs is exactly the government mandate of free care. The person deciding to get health care is not the person paying for it. The Obama-care approach is to expand the mandate, and that is why we are debating whether New Hampshire should go along with it.

Dr. Kennedy ignores the worst part of Obama-care, which Mr. Obama had to delay until after the next election: An employer can’t just hire someone to get some work done; he must agree to foot the bill for the guy’s complete medical care. This is one big reason jobs are so scarce and millions have left the work force entirely.

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