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Letters to the Editor

August 29, 2013



The supporters of Obama’s socialized medicine package will be out in force soon. All those tax-exempt groups that were not targeted by the IRS are preparing for a war, have plenty of tax-exempt money, and ready to promote (lie) about it relentlessly. How very interesting that Congress and its staffers are exempt from the law! And lo and behold, the IRS will enforce the law, but it is exempt also! I hope they won’t target conservatives related to health care as well! The law was passed by hook or crook and now the President wants to mold it however he pleases. They should have read the bill first. Enough with this lawless, gangster government from Chicago!

There are always sponges for anything free, willing to live off the sweat of others, but the under-arm dwellers sure love socialized medicine. The knowledge written on this editorial page by supporters of it, though lengthy in words, would fit on the head of a pin! When democrats destroy the greatest health care system in the world by ramming Obamacare down our throats, try to be ahead of the curve by predicting why we will be told it is the fault of republicans! That will be the case as sure as night follows day. We need news media worthy of the name, not devotees of the democrat party masquerading as journalists.

Jim Mittica





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