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Letters to the Editor

August 29, 2013


With nineteen foreign embassies closed and a global travel alert in effect, it doesn’t appear, as the president trumpeted during his re-election campaign, that Al-Qaeda is “on the run.” While we could always hope, we knew he was tooting his own horn, falsely promoting himself once again. That our people were slaughtered in our Benghazi embassy and he was lying about the cause being a video would have been useful information for an electorate starved of accurate news reporting. A corrupt, leftist-dominated media continue to pave the way for this unqualified incompetent to abuse America. They made it possible for him to get to the presidency, along with union-run public schools cranking out generations of brainwashed little marchers turned over to another level of alleged academia. Democrats enjoy the corrupted election process they’ve created, howling if anyone is required to show identification to vote. Now they even have control of the tax collectors!

The targeting of conservative groups by the IRS and the consequent clam-up of the democrats responsible should outrage every American. At first it seemed even to bother the president himself, as he called it “outrageous,” but weeks later the truth would come out and it would become one of the “phony scandals.” Democrats never disappoint in finding new lows, but manipulating the IRS for the political purpose of suppressing the conservative vote made a fairly loud, resonating sound, even with all their muffling of it.

Major Nidal Hasan has collected over $400,000 in salary and benefits since 2009 after murdering thirteen innocents at Fort Hood, seriously wounding dozens more. Years of suffering and millions of dollars later, President Obama and his despicable likeness Attorney General Eric Holder continue to call this workplace violence, not terrorism. This deprives the victims of many benefits, but the important thing to them is that we don’t call it terrorism. Leftist democrats were genuinely upset when the Boston bombers didn’t turn out to be a white American, but the fact that we were paying the perpetrators for years in welfare and everything else they could get their hands on is fine for the left. Democrats in Massachusetts circled the wagons quickly to prevent information from getting out about that. They must protect their pay-for-votes system at all costs! The drunk driver who recently caused the Boston Globe truck to crash off of Interstate 93 in Boston had a number of EBT cards in her possession. Amy Lord’s murderer enjoyed the EBT card as well. Common sense should at some point be derived from the amassed, anecdotal evidence, but the media are part of the democrat party, so we never get a focus on it. The working Americans, the taxpayers, are being forced by democrats to pay for it all, to pay to destroy themselves and their country.

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