, Kingston, NH

August 22, 2013

Response to Nancy Reiss of Kingston

Carriage Towne News

---- — Response to Nancy Reiss of Kingston

I ask, does she understand what our founders did when they said that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed upon? Yes it would be a wonderful world if only hunters and police needed firearms, but; they were thinking of the fact that the government had an army who were well equipped and so in the founding documents the right of us constituents to defend ourselves against a encroaching government were enshrined and many have died to protect that freedom!

You might say that there is no government encroachment now and I would respond that you haven’t been paying attention for the last forty years or so! Did you know that as a free people we even have the right from God to overthrow a govt. who refuses to recognize our God given rights? The difference between our Republic and the socialist countries of Europe is that we have God given rights whereas they believe rights are granted by the government. That is why we fought a revolution against the arrogant powers of England who disregarded our right of representation.

You advocate that us other constituents just shut up and let the government (read democrats here) just run roughshod over our rights! You are asking for a dictatorship of a particular party who has used government agencies to retain power and call the legitimate response to this abuse of power phony scandals. Do you understand the constitution at all regarding why there are separation of powers and their duty to provide checks and balances? Congress is doing what we sent them there to do. Provide some resistance to those who are spending our future into oblivion and who allow the destruction of future constituents for political gain! Shame upon you for letting it go on unchecked and with your blessing!

Ed Parent