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August 22, 2013

Medicaid Expansion Debate

Medicaid Expansion Debate:

Response to Andrew Weir, George Manos and Carol Croteau

I would like to address certain questionable arguments by the above tag team, and then I leave it to an educated person to form their own opinion.

First being a woman has never been a preexisting condition, nor is there a war on women…there is however a war on the unborn. Abortion is legal, however that said that does not mean others should be forced to pay for what they find morally reprehensible. Yes, the Catholic Church as well as Christian business owners are being forced to pay and provide abortion coverage against their conscience, or face daily fines. Hobby Lobby is currently fighting this in court. In addition tax money is given to Planned Parenthood, the number one abortion provider in this country. Women who want this coverage have a choice; do not work for a Christian business that does not provide this coverage. To force a Christian to pay for this is UN Constitutional, regardless of what some ideologue in a black robe states.

Next Big Labor and Big Business corruptly colluded with Big Government to push through this unaffordable boondoggle: most of those culpable big businesses have now been exempted from compliance. Or like the AFL-Cio and the Teamsters are now requesting exemptions. Senators had to be bribed with our tax dollars to garnish enough votes to pass this insidious 2800 page Bill…which no one read.

Although all were supposed to be able to keep their own insurance, the Congressional Budget office states that over seven million people will lose their employer based insurance. As rates are expected to rise according to Forbes anywhere from 34 – 80% on private policies, most people other than the very wealthy will be forced into the government program: Which was the goal as stated by Obama from the beginning. (A single payer system – socialism)

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