, Kingston, NH

May 16, 2013

Dear Kelly Ayotte Bashers:

Carriage Towne News

---- — Yeah, you know who you are. You are the ones who despise anyone with an ‘R’ after their name and will distort facts and lie to advance your hatred of them. It doesn’t make a difference if they are a woman, a black person, Hispanic or gay. Senator Ayotte is one-hundred percent correct. No ‘background check’ would have avoided Sandy Hook. The person who bought the firearms was killed and then the weapons were stolen. You people are in denial.

We already have background checks in NH. Go to Walmart and try to buy a firearm here. You will stand in line for hours, maybe days, while the State Police check your record. There are enough ‘gun laws’ in place, already. Your liberal pals do not enforce them.

In Massachusetts (your, ‘Mecca’), the Bartley/Fox Law has not been enforced in 30+ years! Tell your ‘D’ pals to enforce the laws already on the books like they agreed to do when they took their ‘Oath of Office’. And tell Giffords to stay in her own State and do as good of a job as New Hampshire does on background checks. Did the “Fast & Furious” gang get background checks from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.? Nope!

And stop trying to ‘fake out’ the NH voters by saying, “89% of NH voters support background checks”. The reason they ‘support’ them is because, we already ‘have’ them. You people try to deceive us into thinking that we don’t.

Ayotte represents the people of NH. Nobody else! If other States don’t do background checks, it’s Not her fault! It’s too bad we didn’t do more background checks in November, 2008.

Keith Stanton