, Kingston, NH

May 9, 2013

Response to Malcolm Odell

Carriage Towne News

---- — Re: Time to Pass Newtown Legislation 4/18/13

& Ayotte Should Control Gun Violence 4/25/13

In reference to Malcolm Odell’s Letters to the Editor I would like to address a few key points:

What happened in Newtown, CT was a direct result of a deranged person hell-bent on killing adults and children at that school. A fact that gun legislation advocates seem to forget is that Adam Lanza stole the gun from his mother. No amount of gun legislation would have prevented that act. Secondly, he unlawfully entered the school and proceeded in firing his guns inside the school. No amount of gun legislation would have prevented that act. Everything he did that morning was illegal and yet he was able to carry out this horrific act.

I would really appreciate it if people would actually look at the facts and stop using their emotion to try and drive policies that actually hurt us more and make us more vulnerable. Using that tragedy as a springboard to changing gun laws only makes our society more at risk for these events to happen again.

Do you think it’s possible, Mr. Odell that if a teacher or an administrator had a gun in the school that morning there was a chance, slight as it may be that he could have been stopped? I, for one live in reality and believe that the chance is greater than slight and I also believe that if just one person had a gun in the theatre in Colorado, they could have stopped or at the very least slowed down that assailant.

Why do you suppose that President Obama’s girls are protected at their school by armed guards? It is to stop any person who may be intent on causing harm. We all should take that lead. After all, we arm our banks with armed guards do we not? Aren’t our children worthy of the same kind of protection?

If someone wants to commit a crime, no background check and no amount of gun legislation will stop them. None.

Furthermore, it is not a shallow platitude to say that guns don’t kill people, people kill people- it’s a fact. “Heading off that horrific reality starts” with pulling our heads out of the sand and looking at how to protect our children in our schools.

After all, our first priority as parents and citizens is to protect our children from harm.

Stefanie Dube