, Kingston, NH

May 9, 2013

Warrant Article 35

Carriage Towne News

---- — The 944 voters who favored Warrant Article 35 must be comforted to know that Selectman Chartrand was ‘humbled’ by knowing why they really voted as they did. They just wanted the Town to improve communications. Really?

Here’s another viewpoint based on feedback I received as I ran for Selectman last spring. They want Exeter to behave as the small town that it is and provide the personal touches that are expected of a small town. Some have asked “Why do some think we need to be another Portsmouth?”

Official minutes of Board of Selectmen meetings document that the receptionist duties were to continue as the person was moved temporarily to assist the Collections office. It should also be pointed out that the assistance was required because Town Management had allowed a backlog of delinquent accounts to grow due to lack of either diligence or required action. One would expect, after a year, that this backlog has been eliminated and that one clerk can now handle the job by staying current.

One final note. Selectman Matt Quandt commended the Town Manager on the good job he was doing. Really? This is the Town Manager who allowed the delinquent accounts to grow so large that extra manpower had to be applied to correct his lack of oversight or action. This entire controversy could have been avoided. I suspect a lot of voters would not agree with Quandt. Clearly by his inaction on this matter he demonstrates he does not support the voters.

We move forward with many voters left to believe their vote is not important; that it doesn’t matter what they want. I told residents during my campaign that I would represent them. I will carry out that pledge from the sidelines and encourage like-minded folks to get engaged. Let your voice be heard.

Dennis Brady