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May 9, 2013

Teachers Host Blood Drive

Carriage Towne News

---- — Teachers Host Blood Drive

Two week’s ago, Fremont showed its true spirit, and in light of some of the recent events, it was great to see this level of positivity and generosity. The Fremont Teachers Association sponsored a Red Cross Blood Drive at Ellis School on Wednesday afternoon and evening. More than 25 of the teachers and staff members from Ellis greeted and registered donors, provided magazines and water to those waiting, and even provided home baked goodies for those that needed to replenish their systems. They even organized the recently certified middle school babysitters so that moms and dads could make their donations.

Before the drive began, we were told that our goal was to take in 25 units of blood, but not to worry if we did not reach it. Over the few days leading up to the drive, word of mouth and Facebook posts took off! Within the first half hour of the drive, we registered over 20 people. The Red Cross staff was pleasantly flabbergasted and scrambled to call in extra staff. People patiently waited up to 2 1/2 hours to make their donations. Some had to leave for other appointments and a few were deferred because they did not meet certain criteria. All told, the drive successfully registered 88 potential donors and, from them, 52 units of blood. Anna Donahoe, from the Manchester Red Cross office, notified us that these numbers set a local Red Cross record at 208% of goal!

This is an event sure to be repeated. Special thanks goes out to Carla Smith, our school nurse, for 110% effort in making this drive a success. Thank you to all who participated - whether you donated, tried to donate, baked, manned the computers, passed out snacks, or babysat - you made this happen!

Dawn DiBurro, B.A., M.Ed

8th Grade Language Arts

Ellis School, Fremont