, Kingston, NH

May 2, 2013

Reinstate Exeter's Receptionist

Carriage Towne News

---- — Reinstate Exeter’s Receptionist

It has been nearly six weeks since the March 12th election and 60% of voters approving Warrant Article 35 to reinstate the receptionist and telephone operator position utilizing an existing full time employee. The Board of Selectmen, at the behest of the Town Manager, continues to “study” the issue. Apparently, they have even asked the Town Counsel to weigh in on the issue. Since the move is without any additional cost, is legal and does not violate the union contract one has to question, why the delay?

In my years as a plant manager these kinds of reassignments were commonplace as we sought efficiencies and better service.

It is apparent to me that certain Selectmen and the Town Manager are, and have been since the warrant was approved, against honoring the voters’ will. This is not without precedent as they did this once before a couple years back and there was a public outcry following that move. It is hard for me to understand such arrogance from elected officials, particularly in a small town such as ours.

If you were one of those who voted in favor of this warrant article I encourage you to do one of two things: send an e-mail to your Selectmen requesting that they honor your vote and/or attend the next scheduled meeting on April 29th as it is addressed at public comment at the beginning of the meeting. It would be nice to see the room filled to overflowing with supporters of that warrant as it would remind them that they are responsible to the people and not to the Town Manager.

Dennis Brady