, Kingston, NH

April 25, 2013

Live and Let Live

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---- — Live and Let Live

“Free State Project”, “they’re not welcome”, “compromising our way of life” … and so on. I have read these words in the news recently regarding “free staters” as well as listened to a discussion on NHPR last week.

It’s odd to encounter individuals speaking on behalf of the whole state. I don’t buy it and neither should you. Notice how I didn’t write, NH doesn’t buy it? The folks who have a problem, should own the problem and reference individuals. Perhaps folks who have employment because of free staters bringing their businesses here would disagree, as well as those who benefit from the charitable work done through a charity organization started by a free stater.

Free staters live throughout the state and work on many different projects to live and maintain the NH way of life. It is baffling to come across comments not welcoming people who are voting with their feet. One would think NH folks would be happy their state was chosen since that is the “way of life”, essentially, according to the state motto, and embrace folks who want to work to make it even freer. Maybe some folks have freedom mixed up with free stuff.

I find it further odd that most of the folks that have a problem with “free staters” are from other states themselves, like Cynthia Chase, the state rep originally from RI who said Free Staters are the greatest threat to the state. Please, live and let others live free or die!

Kay Parker