, Kingston, NH

November 15, 2012

‘I Try Not To Complain’

Carriage Towne News

---- — The election is over, we have done our duty and voted. Now what? Do we sit back and watch those we elected go about business as usual and in four years complain again that not enough work was done? Or do we stop complaining and start acting like the employers of those we elected/hired. I think we forget that politicians are our employees, we hire them to work in our best interest. If you owned a business would you hire someone and then wait four years to give them a review on the job they’ve done? Does your boss wait four years to complain if you are not performing well in your job?

Its time that we take our country back and let our elected officials know who is the boss. Ever since my five year old son Cole died from neuroblastoma cancer, I have been e-mailing, writing, and calling the president, my senators, my representatives and letting them know that I want more awareness, research and funding to go towards ending Childhood Cancer. I try not to complain, I try to act like a boss. I am just one voice. My employees/elected officials do not fear for their jobs because I am just one vote. If you all would join me in contacting your elected officials and demanding greater awareness, research, and funding for Childhood Cancer they would realize that their jobs are at stake if they do not do what we ask. My one vote would become many.

It’s time to stop complaining and start acting like employers. Contact them today, tomorrow and everyday until they get the job done that we hired them to do. Our Heroes and Angels deserve that we fight for them, because somewhere a child is fighting to survive!

Please join our fight at

Tony Stoddard (Cole’s Dad)