, Kingston, NH

November 15, 2012

Plaistow did not follow the Nation on November 6

Carriage Towne News

---- — Plaistow, New Hampshire, did not follow the nation in voting on November 6. Yes Romney, Lamontagne and Guinta all lost at the state and national level.

In Plaistow however, we have seen, over time, a consistent bastion of Conservatism despite the national and state results. Accordingly, Plaistow’s poll results; Romney with 2375 votes trounced Obama 1699. On the gubernatorial level Ovide won the Plaistow vote 2034 to Maggie Hassan’s 1744 and Frank Guinta won Plaistow 1999 to Shea-Porter’s 1580. What does that mean?

Well it means that at least in Plaistow, a border town to Massachusetts, folks in Plaistow understand that can’t spend what they don’t have. It means that local folks would rather be in control of their lives instead of government. It means that they would rather spend their own money instead of being taxed for it. Time will tell, what bodes for New Hampshire on Jobs, fiscal responsibility and the like.

The legislature is still conservative so we shall see what Governor Elect Hassan brings to the table and what they can accomplish on behalf of its citizenry. Jobs I hope, and prosperity would be great bipartisan goals don’t you think, as well as improvements in real estate home sales.

Conservatives lost to liberalism in part by the effect of Unionism on our political culture. Is that a good strategy or is there a Constitutional weakening at play. I believe strongly that it is the latter. Since our founding, It was the Constitution and Patriotic Americans, that made America great. I believe it is those who want the government to be the unending provider who will turn America into another Euro socialist nation, a nanny state.

On the brighter side we continue to live in a great nation, let us continue to provide unity and strength to maintain our hard-won freedoms.

Ed Hale