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September 12, 2013

Pow Wow River and its Tributaries

Pow Wow River and its Tributaries

I am writing as a concerned twenty-eight year property owner of a home on Pow Wow Pond. As most residents of the pond in East Kingston and Kingston are aware, our pond is filling in with weeds. I am concerned and wondering if they are aware that we have a rapidly growing invasive plant overtaking the pond. I also wonder if the people on Kingston Lake realize how close this is to their lake and how many boaters go to their lake with their boats after they have been in the Pow Wow? Or how many birds go from the Pow Wow to Kingston Lake?

As little as three years ago you had to search hard and wide in the Pow Wow to find invasive exotic milfoil. Now today you can not help to find this extremely rapid growing species of milfoil anywhere in the pond. I have discovered (just in our cove alone off our docks) over twenty-eight large plumes of milfoil that were not visible just four weeks ago.

If anyone can help, please contact the Pow Wow Pond Council.

Paul Lever

East Kingston

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