, Kingston, NH

September 12, 2013

Save Historic Grace Daley House

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---- — Save Historic Grace Daley House

A public meeting will be held on Mon., September 23, at 7:00 p.m., on the second floor of the Town Hall in Kingston. The fate of the Grace Daley House, which stands at 165 Main Street in Kingston, between Town Hall and the Country Store, will be discussed. Demolition of the building is expected to begin this November.

This will be the last and final chance to save this historic building, originally built in 1834 as a parsonage for the Congregational Church. We urge those interested to come and support saving the Grace Daley House, and contribute any reasons as to why you think the Grace Daley House should remain a part of the Main Street landscape. The Historic District Commission, Heritage Commission, Historical Museum Committee and Task Force will all be in attendance and presenting their argument, as to why the building should be saved.

Compelling information recently discovered about the house will be introduced. We feel this new information is proof the Grace Daley House has historical significance to the town of Kingston. If saved, we hope to re-purpose the Grace Daley House as an extension of the Historical Museum, and use the second floor for much needed storage of our collections, which are a collaborative effort with the newly formed Nichols Memorial Research Library.

If saved, the Grace Daley House will be eligible to receive grant money, such as Seven to Save, which will also qualify the building for more grants, to help cover the cost of renovations and restoration of the building. Also take into consideration what Main Street will look like without the Grace Daley House and the fact its removal could cause a significant change to the landscape of downtown Kingston. Tearing this building down would take away from our efforts to preserve our Historic District. We hope to see you there!

Lindsay McDougall

Museum Committee