, Kingston, NH

September 12, 2013

Re: Ms. Reiss on Friends for Kelly Ayotte

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---- — Re: Ms. Reiss on Friends for Kelly Ayotte

Recently, you had some pretty strong criticisms of Senator Kelly Ayotte and “Friends of Kelly Ayotte” and the senator’s fundraising. I hope you have the same criticism of Senator Jeanne Shaheen and “Friends of Jeanne Shaheen,” which also fundraises for issues such as anti-second amendment legislation, pro-choice issues, and encourages the IRS to go after those who believe in small government and low taxes.

In addition, Senator Shaheen recently hosted a DC fundraiser with Texas Senator Wendy Davis, who filibustered the Texas Senate to stop the bill that would ban abortions at 20 weeks. That was, of course, on top of the highly publicized scandal where Senator Shaheen missed a key vote in the Senate on a change of filibuster rules in order to attend a fundraiser in New York benefiting her re-election.

Here are some numbers with which you may be interested. In 2010, “Friends of Jeanne Shaheen” raised $422,253. In 2012, it raised $788,975. Thus far for 2014, it has raised $1,230,582. Much of that money was received from PACs, unions and lobbyists like: the American Federation of Govt. Employees, American Federation of Teachers, and the AFL-CIO, Hotel and Lodging, Anheuser Busch, Wine and Spirits Wholesalers, and the American Federation of State, County, and Municipals Employees.

You also criticized Senator Ayotte for not working more with Senator Shaheen and not concentrating on jobs and the economy. What you fail to mention is that Senator Ayotte and Senator Shaheen recently attended a forum with numerous business leaders, federal officials, and small business owners to spur innovation and job growth in New Hampshire. You also ignore the countless pieces of legislation the two have jointly introduced, such as one bill that would expand mental health first aid training and increasing the effectiveness of mental healthcare across the nation.

So Ms. Reiss, yes, the Senators are of different parties and different beliefs. We expect that. In addition, they are allowed to fundraise (however we would appreciate it if Senator Shaheen would put her job as U.S. Senator ahead of her first priority). I for one am happy that they have found some common ground to work on for the betterment of New Hampshire. Regardless of our political affiliations, that’s a good thing. You however, seem to disagree with that notion.

Regina Birdsell

New Hampshire State Representative

Rockingham 13; Hampstead/Kingston

Member House Election Law