, Kingston, NH

September 12, 2013

Re: Richard Kiley (Carriage Towne News, August 22)

Carriage Towne News

---- — Re: Richard Kiley (Carriage Towne News, August 22)

Thank you Richard Kiley your “tongue-in-cheek” letter was great! It certainly made me aware of what could be some animal’s fate.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? We’ll never know for there’s a bright red spot where a cute little woodchuck stood. Some think that animals were put on earth to become bulls eyes for some, those “good ole’ boys” with a souped-up car, heartless and stupid and dumb.

Does it make the hearts beat faster when they step on the gas to kill? Maybe because of their actions we do need to pass a bill, a bill that protects a little friends from those who choose to be self-made exterminators for the animals they see running across the highway just to get on the other side.these little ones never make it, instead it’s where they died. Hit by another idiot in the “roadkill society”.

When they get through killing the little ones will they come after you and me?

We were put in charge of a garden so many years ago, And told to take care of the animals who shared this earth below . There ought to be a “Bill of Rights” for woodchucks inmost and for deer, for little frogs and turtles and geese and even chickens I fear. For dogs and cats and chipmunks too against those who cause them pain

To shield them from certain humans who it seems have gone insane.

I promise I won’t curse the woodchuck for the holes they make in my lawn. “it is what it is” that’s what woodchucks do. For that the woodchuck’s were born. I’ll walk not run across my lawn on the lookout for what might be there For woodchucks leave their calling cards almost everywhere.

I’ll watch out for the woodchucks and the British groundhogs too.

I’ll be on the lookout from this day on...Richard Kylie thanks to you!

Margie Robinson