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September 12, 2013

Kappler/Ayotte vs. Obama Care

Carriage Towne News

---- — Kappler/Ayotte vs. Obama Care

As of yet no one seams to know exactly what this bill is all about, so this has resulted in fear and confusion.

I don’t even understand the small print on my credit card agreement and probably you don’t either, so how are we common folks going to digest 1200 pages of legislation?

One might ask the question, “how do you eat an elephant? Answer: one bite at a time. So I decided to look at just one of what appears to be the most controversial issues - Pre-existing Conditions.

Insurance companies avoid this coverage like the plague; I know because I have my insurance producer’s license. (Lic#2269535).

In an article in the Carriage Town News dated August 15, 2013, Rep. Kappler railed against Obama Care. (Senator Ayotte’s position appears to be the same).

In the referenced article, Rep. Kappler states,” They (Democrats) continue to try to shove Obama Care down our throat”

Rep. Kappler goes on to say that New Hampshire already has a high risk pool (NHHP) established to provide health insurance to New Hampshire residents who are declined coverage through the private market. This high risk pool is basically for the very poor people.

Let’s be honest for a moment. Most people are not concerned about the very poor: it’s the moderate income enrollees (a shrinking middle class) that is the real concerns. (These are the worker bees)

The problem is that the shrinking middle class also has pre-existing conditions. The shrinking middle class can unfortunately have a child who has a mental deficiency. The shrinking middle class can have a woman who is in the initial stages of cancer.

So I decided to ask a Joe the plumber question.

On Fri., August 16, I “e” mailed a letter to Rep. Kappler asking one very simple question: “does the New Hampshire Health Plan (NHHP) cover existing conditions? We know Obama care does.”

I waited about a week and received no response so on August 22, I phoned the representative’s office and spoke to him personally.

I asked the honorable representative that one Paramount Question, “does NHHP cover existing conditions?

Rep. Kapplers answer was,” I don’t know.”

My question is, “how do you condemn a program (Obama care) that we know covers every one relative to the dreaded existing condition debacle when you don’t know where NHHP stands on this back bone issue?

In my opinion, the good representative doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

How does one comment on the virtue of a horse over a car if one has never seen a car?

Rep.Kappler and Senator Ayotte tout their credentials as fiscal conservatives, part of the “we don’t waste the taxpayers money group”. If this is true, why is it they have forced congress to spend approximately forty million dollars $40,000,000, (It costs 20 million a week to finance congress). Republicans have spent two weeks trying to defund Obama care which is Already Law (They have tried 38 times and failed and are poised to go for the 39th).

I think we can all agree that a billy goat is not the smartest animal in the barn yard, but if Ole Billy butted the barn door 38 times with the same results (a head ache) I don’t think even Ole Billy would go for #39.

I don’t mind all this silly posturing; I just don’t want to pay for it.

According to David Rauf (Houston Chronicle/ Texas/8/22/13), Texas is seeking funds from Obama care-This is the height of hypocrisy. (Weren’t they going to secede from the union? So what happened? What’s taking so long?)

Republicans call for repeal of the law but plead for its dollars for its constituency.

Maybe these two representatives had better slow down a bit with their, “cut government spending to the bone,” remember there are 114,705 people in New Hampshire receiving food stamps and not a welfare queen amongst them.

Robert Grier