, Kingston, NH

March 4, 2013

Lie After Lie

Carriage Towne News

---- — As a country we are at a critical juncture: which path will we take?  I love America, just not the America I find myself in today. The lines of community vs. collectivism have blurred. Generosity is now taken out of your neighbors pocket not your own.  Much of what we see happening today is the direct result of lies, outright blatant lies.  Lies spread by those who wish to “transform” America, change America into what it is not, and they are succeeding. The seeds of these lies have been disseminated for many years.

First lie: Democracy.  Every pundit and talking head, left or right, states we are a “democracy”. Indeed we even profess to be spreading democracy in the Middle East!  Our Founders are rolling over in their graves as they went to every possible extent to enshrine a Constitutional Republic, a Nation of Laws.  They knew all too well the failings and evils of democracy.  They classified “democracy” as two wolves and a lamb deciding what is for dinner”.  Liberty is an armed lamb contesting that vote.  The only thing “democratic” about our form of government is our elections process.  In a democracy the majority can take the rights away from the minority.  In our Republic, our rights come from our Creator as stated clearly in our Declaration, and are protected by our Constitution.  Rights are not privileges; rights that you are born with and are protected by these documents cannot be taken by a tyrannical government.  In a Democracy, if 51% of the people decide that all people who are 5’3” with green eyes should be exterminated it can be done: not so in a Republic.  In a Democracy if 51% of the people think the other 49% should pay to support them, it is done…this is what democracy breeds.  It is where we are today.

Second lie: Separation of Church and State.  Nowhere in our Constitution or Declaration is it written that there is or must be a Separation of Church and State.  It does state that there cannot be an establishment of ONE National Religion.  Many different Christian denominations Founded America, having left Europe for Religious Freedom they did not want one Christian religions’ designated as the National Religion.  States were however free to designate a State Religion.  Our Founders prayed before each meeting.  George Washington led the entire Congress down the street to St Paul’s Chapel to pray after his inauguration and commit America to the hands of Devine Providence, to God.   Our Founders felt strongly that a Republic was viable only for a moral and religious people. What was protected was Freedom OF Religion:  not Freedom from Religion.  What have you done to protect these freedoms?

These lies, perpetuated ad nauseum since the ‘60’s have changed the very fiber of America, rotting away at the very core of our Founding.  These fabrications have led to ever furthering decay of our Republic, and a populace that either believes the lie, or disregards and accepts it: going about their daily lives. 

We have become a society of “whatever feels good” or: moral relativism.  This has been promoted by the elite in their pursuit of power and control. Every facet of our Country has been permeated by these morally depraved elitists, from our government to the media to our schools to our churches.  Hollywood sells sin:  life is reduced to a choice, sex is reduced to an act without consequence, responsibility or love, male and female roles are now interchangeable creating an androgynous society, and adults that behave like children; thus the need for an elite group to control things, taking over your adult responsibility and caring for you.  A nanny state, the elitists dream: handed to them by an apathetic, mislead and naïve citizenry.  Our Declaration (which is the Foundation our Constitution was built on) and our Constitution had to be distorted, reinterpreted and redefined: to turn rights into privileges to be interpreted by courts stacked with global elitists. 

“The elite attempt to avoid the fact of their own dysfunction by trying to elicit criminality in others. If they can convince the masses that morality is relative and that right and wrong are subject to interpretation, if they can convince us to ignore our own inner voices which are inborn, then their monstrosity could be considered normal — even preferable. In a world of moral relativists, the man with a conscience becomes the criminal, the outcast; and the elites become the heroes they always wanted to believe themselves to be.” (quote from Brandon Smith: Personal Liberty) 

Inherent rights must therefore be reduced to privileges, only then can they be taken from a deceived public.  If immorality is accepted on a whole, then the elitist sins of corruption, pilfering, subjugation, bribery, population reduction, class warfare, murder will be accepted with apathy.  After all a moral society, a well armed populace, an educated society allowed to keep the fruits of their labor is a threat to tyranny, the tyranny which is taking over America.   They have been taking over for generations, quietly, the time was right and the elite are confident that now is the time.  They believe they have dumbed us down, numbed us to government tyranny, and removed our conscience and personal responsibility to the extent that they can rule: the final nail will soon come.  

Susan Carroll