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Letters to the Editor

March 4, 2013

Lie After Lie

As a country we are at a critical juncture: which path will we take?  I love America, just not the America I find myself in today. The lines of community vs. collectivism have blurred. Generosity is now taken out of your neighbors pocket not your own.  Much of what we see happening today is the direct result of lies, outright blatant lies.  Lies spread by those who wish to “transform” America, change America into what it is not, and they are succeeding. The seeds of these lies have been disseminated for many years.

First lie: Democracy.  Every pundit and talking head, left or right, states we are a “democracy”. Indeed we even profess to be spreading democracy in the Middle East!  Our Founders are rolling over in their graves as they went to every possible extent to enshrine a Constitutional Republic, a Nation of Laws.  They knew all too well the failings and evils of democracy.  They classified “democracy” as two wolves and a lamb deciding what is for dinner”.  Liberty is an armed lamb contesting that vote.  The only thing “democratic” about our form of government is our elections process.  In a democracy the majority can take the rights away from the minority.  In our Republic, our rights come from our Creator as stated clearly in our Declaration, and are protected by our Constitution.  Rights are not privileges; rights that you are born with and are protected by these documents cannot be taken by a tyrannical government.  In a Democracy, if 51% of the people decide that all people who are 5’3” with green eyes should be exterminated it can be done: not so in a Republic.  In a Democracy if 51% of the people think the other 49% should pay to support them, it is done…this is what democracy breeds.  It is where we are today.

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