, Kingston, NH

July 11, 2013

"Nature's Timeless Window"

Carriage Towne News

---- — “Nature’s Timeless Window”

The warmth in the early morning air emits a feeling we are about to experience a celebration of nature’s timeless, free and untamed beauty.

The hazy days of summer are upon us. The crocus and daffodil have retreated back underneath the soil to await the start of yet another spring.

The sunlight is bent into dazzling glimpses of white brilliance as it pierces the lush green canopy of the trees.

We are in the midst of the ever changing, mesmerizing and enchanting world of nature as we seek to find the essence of our being in this moment of profound meaning and awakening.

We stop and are reminded that with every step we take we are surrounded by a symphony of sounds both cacophonous and melodic, both alien and familiar.

We discover a stream and stop to take some of the cool water into our cupped hands.

We stare at bees flitting from flower to flower as they transfer the pollen to the pistil of all flowering plants before returning to their hives with the sweet nectar of the flowers to make honey.

Like a soft pastel painting upon an artist’s canvas, the gardens and fields have come alive with breathtaking beauty and elegance, and we are drawn into the heart of this idyllic world. It may be that deep within our souls we carry a memory of Eden.

The air is scented with lavender mint and spice. We stop and stand still for a moment, letting it all envelop us and wash over our senses. We stare in awe as a mother duck with eight little ducklings following closely and quickly behind her pass close by.

We have rarely used a path on this walk. We have stepped quietly, not for the sake of stealth, but to somehow minimize our presence, for we are but guests here inside nature’s timeless window.

John B. Dube, Sr.

East Hampstead