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Letters to the Editor

October 4, 2012

Thank You


A big thank you to Monique Sands who ran our food tent all day and to Shannon Varney for your patience - while supervising everyone in the snack tent!

Special, special thanks to our Bakie teachers who join us every year: Mrs. Klemarczyk, Mrs. Bamforth, and Mrs. Rutherford, who were all sent out into the trenches this year and did a great job! Marianne, you may be moved up to a co-chair with Jess and I next year! Thank you Lindsay Lanzer, Kristin Shepperd, and Nels Tooker who supervised the afternoon shift of the snack tent but also had the daunting task of taking down the snack tent and loading all the supplies into our cars. Thank you very much!

And last but certainly not least to Jess Friedman and Kelli Giles who were my partners in crime for this event. Jess: you did another ten hour day pacing the runners and Kelli who not only helped Jess with clocking the runners you ran back and forth all day helping us warm up food and replenish our drinks! Love you guys!

To our little helpers in the snack tent, the Varney family, the Reilly girls, the Bencze family, Jimmy Scanlon, Lilly Gibby, and our girl scouts, you all did great and got us a lot of money with your beautiful smiles!

To Maddie Friedman and Elle Ash for being our snack tent managers and keeping everything running smoothly we thank you! Good Job!

And I must make a special call out to our 4th graders, Izzy and Kenzie Giles, along with Maddie Friedman who worked the entire day! These girls were there from 7:00 in the morning until the very end at 5:00 at night, stocking coolers, running back and forth filling food, throwing out trash in the back of the school and basically just doing anything that needed to get done. These girls worked their tails off! I am so proud of you!

As we wrap up this event we hope you will continue to support the Bakie events any way you can and please look forward to the next upcoming event, the Spooktacular in October!

Nichole Ash

Reach the Beach

Committe Chair

D.J. Bakie School PTA



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