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Letters to the Editor

October 4, 2012

Thank You

What a great day we had on September 15 at the DJ Bakie School which was the Reach the Beach Transition Station Number 31. We owe so many people a huge thank you for making this event so much fun!

First off, a special thank you to the many, many generous food donations we received from our Bakie families. Thank you all for being so accommodating in dropping off your donations either at the school, Jess’s house, or at my house at some pretty early or late hours. We appreciate you all going out of your way to help make our Bakie events successful! Kristin Wallace and Chrysty Bolte: you both continue to impress me with your baking spread, it is truly artistry!

Thanks to our loyal veterans, Kristin Kilimonis, Gera Bowen, Sheryl Holt, Amy Bencze and Julie Blomberg, who helped us with a very early set-up and stayed for the early runner shift.

To Ami Faria, Lisa Reilly, Katie Gibby, Jean O’Kane, Kristin McNulty, Beth Scanlon, and Bobbi McClellan who are also die-hard veterans and who worked the busiest shift, I thank you for moving those vans through the lots so quickly and efficiently! Bobbi, I think you have an official post next year based on how much fun you were having this year!

We had a lot of new moms sign on for this event this year and, based on their reactions, I know they will be back next year! Thank you to Alison Theberge, Ruth Woodworth, Jennifer Petri, Karrie Eaton, Jennifer Dangas, Deirdre Lyder, and Paula Mahoney who just stopped by to cheer on our own Michelle Thomas and ended up staying through clean-up, five hours later!

To Nicole Bergeron-Manson, Anita Fowler and their Girl Scouts who helped us not only in the snack tent but made sure our vans followed their route around the seminary so they could park easily and then be on their way when they were ready to move again. We have big plans for you girls next year as we hear a lot of you do cheering so you will be our official cheering section next year!

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