, Kingston, NH

December 13, 2012

Lee Quandt will be missed

Carriage Towne News

---- — Josh Picator’s letter brings me a chance to hopefully add to the conversation. I first met Lee on the opposite side of a State Senate race. As a long time member of the “Blue Team” my views differed from Lee’s in a number of area’s.

Lee stopped by the the Kensington Election site to do a bit of visibility. Our initial “sparing” over issues quickly turned into a pleasant conversation about life and family.

I have known a number members of the “Red Team”. Rick Russman comes to mind as does a one time meeting with Senator Warren Rudman. Indeed sensible Republican values comes to mind when I think of these fine people. If I might suggest, Josh the “surge in same day voting” was not the result of some unexplained reason but the result of Mr O’Brien leading the party away from sensible Republican values with you hold dear and which I have come to respect. The response of New Hampshire voter’s rejection of Mr O’Brien’s values is at the heart of Lee’s loss. Josh I am just as outraged as you are that the man who led the defense of sensible Republican values and was punished for this stand and was made to “pay” for another’s faults. Justice this is not.

I hope we can find common ground in agreeing that Lee has done himself and his party proud in his time in Concord. Can we also agree that this is a good time in Lee’s life to take a break and enjoy his family . Perhaps having joined that rare few in politics the Statesman Lee can become a roving speaker for those sensible Republican values. I for one would enjoy attending such a event. We are after all member’s of the Red White and Blue team.

Ed Cunningham