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Letters to the Editor

December 13, 2012

Open Letter to Senator Ayotte

It’s time you read the tea leaves and started collaborating with your colleagues in Congress and stopped promoting inflammatory division when we need people to work together to solve this nation’s problems.

Our Granite State has just sent two fine women to Congress and another to the Governor’s chair. And your colleague Senator Shaheen stands as a voice of reason and compromise just when that’s what America needs.

Your turn: start working with the new administration and your colleagues across the aisle to get our economy moving, bring fairness to our tax system, protect the future of this planet and protect our senior citizens and end the disgrace of this rich nation’s millions in poverty and homelessness.

Turn your back on your disgraceful record as NH Attorney General in attacking Planned Parenthood, protecting fraudulent mortgage companies, deleting your emails, and politicizing a capital murder case.

Your current positions around the rights of women, gays, unions, seniors and the working poor, and your Neanderthal views around health care, Wall Street plutocrats, and climate change are a disgrace to this great state.

Now it’s time to stop politicizing the tragedy of Benghazi, time to stop promoting wasteful and unnecessary expansion of our military budget--bigger than the combined budgets of all other major world military forces.

Senator, stop fanning the flames of division. Now is a time for reason, moderation and compromise--values that we in New Hampshire have always cherished.

Malcolm J. Odell, Jr.,


South Hampton




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