, Kingston, NH

December 13, 2012

Andrew Hemingway: What We Need

Carriage Towne News

---- — I am excited for Andrew Hemingway’s bid for Chairman of the New Hampshire GOP. Andrew inspired me when I met him a couple years ago. He is kind and is energetic. He expressed his appreciation for the free market and limited government in our first meeting.

The New Hampshire GOP had a weak effort for our candidates.

We saw that a State Party can be effective, but we did not see that in our State Party. Andrew’s vibrancy and experience with social media is needed in our Party.

We need to leverage our state’s small size and significance in Presidential elections to elicit donations from across the nation. We need someone to organize our Party to make it effective.

Andrew would do a great job, working to appeal to both the older and younger voters we will need to win in 2014.

Jonathan Meadows