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June 12, 2014

Guinta's "Middle-Class Economic Recovery Tour"

Former tea partier Congressman Frank Guinta is on another one of his endless tours, this one called a “Middle-Class Economic Recovery Tour.” It’s ironic because Mr. Guinta shares responsibility for the current economy.

So who was responsible for the devastating sequestration cuts that, as Mr. Guinta admitted, could endanger Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and its 5,000 jobs and the $624 million it puts into the Seacoast economy? Why, that would be Mr. Guinta himself, who thought sequestration was such a good idea that he voted for it. Now that those untargeted reckless cuts are looking like the destructive policy that they always were, he’s hoping we’ll forget his former support. Then there were all the furloughs that the sequester brought, which drained millions from the local economy. That’s on him too.

When the Republican majority in the US House forced the federal government to shut down late last year, Mr. Guinta was all for it. That shutdown cost US taxpayers $24 billion, according to Standard & Poor’s.

The Government Accountability Office reported in March 2014 that sequestration disrupted federal agency operations and caused agencies to significantly reduce or delay compensation, benefit payments, work hours, job incentives, investments, hiring, and public services. Remember that these are the agencies responsible for protecting the border and airline passengers, defending our country, researching cures for cancer, investigating criminal activities, preventing terrorist acts, issuing gas and oil leases, etc.

Mr. Guinta has relentlessly bad judgment about the economy. We can’t afford him back in office.

Herb Moyer





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