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June 12, 2014

Sanctity of Free Speech Under Threat in NH

Sanctity of Free Speech Under Threat in NH

Governor Maggie Hassan is expected to sign into law SB 319, also known as the Abortion Clinic Buffer Zone bill. This bill criminalizes anyone who is not a patron, employee, escort or state agent from entering or remaining on a “public way or sidewalk adjacent to a reproductive health care facility with a radius up to 25 feet” by charging them with a minimum $100 fine. The fact that there already exists a federal law prohibiting any person from interfering or obstructing another person’s access to such facilities makes clear that this bill was contrived in order to punish those of opposing views.

Apparently it is not enough that unwilling citizens be forced to fund such facilities whom without their tax monies would cease to operate. With the exception of Senator Prescott, all of our legislators in Exeter believe that these same heretics of liberal dogma be fined and bared from expressing their First Amendment rights, all the while standing on public property.

This bill is an egregious affront to freedom of speech, regardless of where one stand’s on the issue of abortion, the implications of SB 319 affect us all. Such increasingly creeping laws, which seek to elevate certain groups and individuals above all others are deserving of opposition.

Nelson Lourenco


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