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Letters to the Editor

June 5, 2014

People Before Politics

People Before Politics

My name is Kevin P. St. James and I am running for Rockingham County District 1 Commissioner. I am 48 years old and married with two children (17 and 13). We are home owners and taxpayers in Kingston. We have been small business owners. I have been a Firefighter EMT-I for more than thirteen years and work for the Town of Exeter. I am just completing a two year term as a State Representative.

What does a County Commissioner do? The county commissioners are the Executive branch of Rockingham County and oversee a budget of $78 Million. This money is used to protect and serve the public interests of safety, security and health. It oversees the financial needs of Rockingham County: our Jail, our Nursing home, our Sheriff’s Department, our Registry of Deeds, our County Attorney’s office and also governs funding for programs such as ‘Meals on Wheels’.

The County Commission is often one area of local government that is forgotten about; but also one which is vital to all of us. Rockingham County has the ability to provide even more services to its residents without the need to increase the taxes we pay. Too often we fail to realize how stale and stagnant the air is until the windows and doors of a room are opened. I will be that ‘breath of fresh air’ that our County Commission needs. I will be an active participant on the Commission and I will be visible and accountable to all of you throughout our communities. Ask yourself, “Have I met my current county commissioner of the last 18 years”? Odds are that you have not.

I will be more accessible to you and I will be more effective serving all of the citizens of Rockingham County as your Commissioner. For too long our County has not done its best using all of the resources available to it. Rockingham should be a model County for the State of New Hampshire, a model County for this Country. Our County’s government is designed to provide services; but instead it has made decisions based on politics, without regard for the needs of our Citizens. People should be before politics.

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