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May 29, 2014

Trust in Government at All Time Low

Trust in Government at All Time Low

It is an honest to goodness fact, according to many studies, that on average only 19% of Americans trust their US government; some polls dip even lower. In other words, 81% of the American population distrust its government according to a University of Connecticut study that has been ongoing for decades. The last time it was that low Bill Clinton was in the midst of his impeachment trial for lies over Monica L. Here is the Why.

On healthcare, Democratic Legislators who supported the Affordable Health Care Act never really read the bill accordingly it was forced on the American people without any substantive understanding of its contents. And if by remote chance Legislators did try to read the bill, they would need an Army of Lawyers to decipher it. Senator Shaheen of New Hampshire parroted the same talking points as the President, e.g., if you want to keep your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you want to keep your health care plan you can keep your health care plan, Period. This is the largest lie perpetrated on the American People. Senator Shaheen is an Obama Soldier not a Senator that effectively represents New Hampshire Citizens.

On ACA software, it was the First Lady who was the first to suggest her college friend at that Canadian Software Firm to write the web software code for ACA. After spending 600 million on software code that had not an ounce of Security in it, they fired Mrs. Obama’s friend, or now former friend. And we are out 600 million bucks only to find out that Canada had already fired the same company a year earlier for inept Canadian Government Medical Software development. If only the Government did their homework. And why Canada? If you really wanted to help America, Mr. President, you would have created hundreds of high tech jobs here in the US.

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