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May 1, 2014

Help New Hampshire’s Animals

Help New Hampshire’s Animals

Once again, our lawmakers failed to protect Granite State animals who are tortured and killed by fur trappers. HB1579, the legislation to restrict recreational fur trapping in NH, is now almost meaningless legislation. Once meant to protect animals of all kinds and to give us a safer outdoors, it will now do none of that. It merely increases the penalty for illegal trapping causing the death of a domestic animal to a loss of a trapping license up to possibly three years instead of one.

Our lawmakers praised culture and tradition as a reason to continue the suffering. They gave the green light to fur trappers to continue to use steel jaws, which slam shut with godawful power on its unsuspecting victim, that crush bones and tear flesh as they struggle to escape. Our lawmakers think it is ok that these creatures are bludgeoned to death when the trapper comes, a method of euthanasia that is considered inhumane by the experts at the American Veterinary Medical Association.

I wish to not paint all of our lawmakers with one brush and our deepest gratitude goes to the sponsors and supporters of the original bill, in its unaltered form. There is hope for animals, domestic and wild, as long as we have individuals like them in the New Hampshire House and Senate.

Everyone who cares about the humane treatment of animals and the safety of our outdoors, please keep in touch and sign our petition at NH’s animals need your voice now more than ever.

Linda Dionne


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