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May 1, 2014

Response to “Socialism Has Arrived”

Response to “Socialism Has Arrived”

When I hear the word ‘Socialism’ bantered about, the word ‘Communism’ automatically comes to mind. During the 60s, the term Communism was used pretty much the same as Socialism is used today, to “scare” the hell out of the American people.

The referenced article states, “When you are told what you can and cannot eat or drink by a Democrat sponsored legislation, that is Socialism.” (End of quote) I’ve searched high and low to find the referenced legislation and as far as I can see it doesn’t exist. I’ve yet to see a government agent blocking the door to McDonald’s. I don’t have a problem with people eating as many Big Macs as they want, what I do have a problem with is my hard earned dollars supporting their unnecessary hospital stay.

And $190 Billion (that’s not Millions that’s Billions) is the amount of added medical cost each year that is estimated to stem from obesity related problems. $14.3 Billion, that is how much childhood obesity costs the US each year, according to a published study from the Bookings Institute. (Check it out)

If Michelle Obama wants to get some of our children moving is that really a bad thing? I didn’t see any Secret Service Agents around making these children exercise.

This article goes on to state, “when you are encouraged to feed off the nipple of the Federal Government for food stamp and not fend for yourself, it is a way then to control your behavior, that is socialism.”

Did you know that a large percentage of active duty servicemen require food stamps in order to make ends meet? According to, in fiscal year 2008, food stamps used by servicemen to purchase milk, cheese, meat and bread at military groceries totaled $31.1 million. In fiscal year 2013, that figure jumped $203.6 million. Being a veteran myself, I’m a little sensitive to the plight of our servicemen.

When people paint with a very large brush the results they get can be a very distorted picture and a lot of that’s by design

Robert Grier


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