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May 1, 2014

Socialism has Not Arrived In the US

Socialism has Not Arrived in the US

The continued attack on the President of The United States and the democrats as being socialists is appalling to me.

I’ve never being told what I can or cannot eat or drink by any legislator. But the GOP continues to legislate for control women’s right to choose and people’s voting rights.

Paying for health care? The government has always guaranteed health care. If you go to the emergency room you will get medical care. The cost is extremely high and we, the tax payers, have always paid for this.

The Affordable Care Act will reduce the taxpayer cost buy allowing affordable insurance to all.

The Affordable Care Act does not assign doctors.

No one is “encouraged” to feed off the government. The government does provide assistance for those less fortunate and those who have fallen on hard times to maintain a reasonable life. Meanwhile the GOP encourages the oil companies and the filthy rich to feed off the government via tax breaks, loopholes and exemptions. And take away privileges; the GOP has legislated to take away voting rights and women’s birth control rights and women’s health decisions.

Education: in no way can the federal government control and implement the curriculum of every educational system in this country. They can make suggestions and monitor the overall process but the education system is too large to think the government could control every detail! The local education boards and administrations dictate the implementation curriculums as well as the budgets.

I will submit that the “if you like your plan you can keep it” was a big mistake to claim. But not totally because it was a lie, but, in part, because the federal government does not have the control over the insurance companies that the GOP is claiming. However, the goal of 7 million sign ups has been exceeded. The independent Congressional Budget Office has recently note that the Affordable Care Act will cost less than initially thought. As we stand, those are positive signs. But to assume that the Obama administration is going to pay your premium is absurd. The GOP claims the administration doesn’t even know who signed up. Make up your mind.

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