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April 24, 2014

Scott Brown for U.S. Senate

Scott Brown for U.S. Senate

Well, the “Left” is at it again, portraying U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown as a “carpetbagger.” Nothing could be further from the truth; Scott was born Portsmouth, lived there for a time, and has a home in the State.

Scott has been accused of not “Taking the Pledge” as he did in Massachusetts. Circumstances are very different up here. His opponent, incumbent Senator Shaheen, has a war chest totaling $7.3 million. What’s good for her is good for him. Do you think some of her money is Pac money?

Now, let’s take a peek at Senator Shaheen’s voting record. Hers was the deciding vote to pass “Obamacare”. If that wasn’t bad enough, she voted to make sure that Abortion would be covered through “Obamacare.” She voted for “Cap & Trade” which would cause a huge Energy tax hike. She was al so on board for every tax hike presented, i.e., death, capital gains, and business taxes.

If the voters of New Hampshire are tired of big government, out of control spending, and a complete disregard for what voters want from their government - then there is an alternative: please consider Scott Brown. He is for small government, for reigning in spending, and he will respect the Constitution and what it stands for. Scott understands, will govern, and will listen to the voters of New Hampshire.

Veda Paoletta

East Kingston

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