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April 24, 2014

Aren’t There Any Worthy NH Republicans?

Aren’t There Any Worthy NH Republicans?

My fellow granite-staters: with a long tradition of New Hampshire statesmen and women serving on a national level, why do we have to settle for a name, and no state credentials, to represent us?

New Hampshire politicians have a long history of serving at the national level, not just in congress and once as president, but in senior advisor positions. And they were true granite-staters, raised here with New Hampshire values and roots. Examples are Josiah Bartlett (signer of the Declaration of Independence), Franklin Pierce, Salmon Chase, Daniel Webster (yes, Webster moved to Massachusetts and became a senator—but he was born, educated, and worked in New Hampshire and was a Representative before that move late in his life), Kelly Ayotte, David Souter, Judd Gregg, Sherman Adams…the list goes on. Republicans of national prominence dominate this list after the Civil War.

So why settle for an out-of-stater as a candidate for congress? Every one of the names above lived and worked most of their lives in New Hampshire. They know this state and what we stand for and what we need. Do you mean to tell me there isn’t a prominent Republican in this entire state that can’t measure up to the standards of the past?

Look past the glitz and glamor, and find a candidate for congress who can truly uphold New Hampshire’s proud tradition of statesmanship and service!

Pete McVay


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