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Letters to the Editor

November 28, 2013

Delayed Response with a correction:


It amazes me that Constitutional conservatives are called extremists and terrorists, while those who wish to alter our form of government, and indeed have many convinced we are a democracy, are called “centrists”. Those who wish to spend us into servitude are “moderate” while those of us who call for fiscal restraint are called “obstructionists” holding America hostage. Notice that the Obama golf course was open, while outdoor National Veterans Memorials were closed…just sayin’. To the gentleman who feels that my opinion should be censored and considered libel, I ask, does that apply to the radical “centrist” left as well? Woe to those who call good evil and evil good.

Where was I going Mr. Grier? I was pointing out the many atrocities going on in our country, atrocities being ignored or whitewashed by all too many, pointing out we indeed have a communist/Marxist in the White House, by his own admission. As Henry Kissinger stated in 2009, Obama was put in place to usher in the New World Order…his words not mine; yet people refuse to see it or believe it… Perhaps blinded by the glowing rainbow halo which engulfs the “anointed one”.

We all make mistakes: as a young adult I voted for “change”, casting a vote for a peanut farmer, soon saw the error of my ways, and voted against that failure of a President next time around. All Americans should be demanding answers regarding Benghazi and why Americans were left to die. All Americans, right or left, should question the fate of Seal Team Six and demand answers…it is a serious concern that those on the left wish to brush aside like a “bump in the road”, or, as Ms. Clinton stated, “What difference does it make now?” She did however ask one pertinent question during her campaign for the White House, “Who do you want to answer that 2:00 na.m. call?” We found out who will answer it: Valerie Jarrett.

The accounts I brought forth about the Syrian Rebels are verifiable if you care to look. Hannity covered one of the incidences. The Obama/Muslim Brotherhood connection can also be verified for those who care.

Susan Carroll


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