, Kingston, NH

July 18, 2013

Concerned Animal Lover

Carriage Towne News

---- — Concerned Animal Lover

I am writing to ask that you address what I see as a problem with the old home days festivities. The frog jump is a rather cruel way for people to “win a medal”. Frogs use their skins to help them breathe. “Frogs have very special skin! They don’t just wear it, they drink and breathe through it. Frogs don’t usually swallow water like we do. Instead they absorb most of the moisture they need through their skin. Not only that, but frogs also rely on getting extra oxygen (in addition to what they get from their lungs) from the water by absorbing it through their skin. Because frogs get oxygen through their skin when it’s moist, they need to take care of their skin or they might suffocate.--”

Frogs are also very important to the environment, being a barometer species used to judge the health of the ecosystem. So when these frogs are caught and placed on the hot asphalt, they are in essence being suffocated. Then the kids begin pounding the ground near them to make them jump. I have witnessed several more exuberant children accidentally hitting the frog itself.

When all the “fun” is over the frogs are sometimes returned to a pond, but more often then not left on the dry sandy field or asphalt to die unless a good Samaritan collects and releases them. I have in several years past gone around after with a bucket and collected these poor dried out and suffocating frogs, some with broken limbs, and taken them to a swamp and released them. I think that this event needs to be stopped or at least monitored so that the neglect and disposal of these amphibians can be stopped.

I understand that while these are “just frogs”, they are still God’s creatures and part of the living world. If we fail to show our children how to properly treat animals, frogs included, then not only are we doing nature a grave disservice but ourselves and children also. On a final note, I know that some might argue that the frog jump has been around forever, but so dental surgery without anesthesia, but we quickly found a better way, and we can do so here. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Bea Donohue, concerned animal lover