, Kingston, NH

June 6, 2013

Response to Keith Stanton

Carriage Towne News

---- — Response to Keith Stanton

Keith misses the point of universal background checks. He also misunderstands the impact of Sandy Hook. As tragic as it was, we understand that one-hundred percent prevention of such happenings may not be possible. However, there are some obvious loopholes that can be closed. Sandy Hook and the other recent gun violence tragedies have just brought the whole gun control issue to the forefront.

It baffles me that Keith touts how good NH is regarding background checks but refuses to see that it’s useless if you can purchase a firearm at a gun show or on the internet without a background check.

The bill we are addressing does nothing but make the existing law universal. A universal background check bill makes everyone play by the same rules.

And the notion the Senator Ayotte should not vote in a manner that attains uniformity throughout the country and keeps unwanted outsiders from having the ability to get firearms and bring them into NH is irresponsible. If she votes against a national universal background check bill it is partly her fault that other states don’t do background checks!

Senator Kelly Ayotte is acting irresponsibly.

Karl V. Farmer