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June 6, 2013

Obama Sells Guns

Obama Sells Guns

The year before last a leading gun manufacturer’s sales were $50 million, last year sales were $510 million, and this year’s projection’s are over $600 million.

I recently interviewed several small New Hampshire businessmen and the only one who was doing exceptionally well was a gun shop owner. The owner told me that he was so busy that he didn’t allow the workers to take a lunch break, they ate as they worked. One can realize that such pressure can cause all kind of physical and mental problems - I hope his workers have “Obamacare”.

Whenever you mention Obama, people go out and buy a couple of guns (shades of a conspiracy?).

I don’t have a problem with the right to bear arms; in fact, I own two myself.

One of my guns is a single shot BB gun which I recently purchased so as to deal with a pesky bird who can’t seem to get it through its birdbrain that I won’t allow it to build its nest over my front door.

I guess when the helicopters land (the pending invasion) I will have to visit my neighbor who has lots of guns.

I think it is time for President Obama to realize that there are a group of people who hate him (we all know why so much hate-they just can’t help it, it’s in their DNA).

Forget about this rifle debate and magazine sizes. The greatest percentages of deaths are caused by people who use handguns (a large percentage of those deaths are suicides).

I don’t have a problem with gang bangers killing each other, it’s the innocent people who get caught in the crossfires that bother me.

We hear a lot of talk about more guns in the classrooms (the teachers should be armed?) and more security guards policing our school corridors.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to spend that money hiring an additional guidance counselor and maybe a visiting mental health professional?

Food for thought.

Robert Grier


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