, Kingston, NH

July 25, 2013

Medicaid Expansion Hoax

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---- — Medicaid Expansion Hoax

Is blocking Medicaid expansion courageous or callous? In my opinion it is neither: it is fiscal common sense. The Affordable Care Act “fondly” known as Obamacare, was never and is not about taking care of the poor; it is all about control and creating a single payer government run health care debacle – one where all are under served. Control you ask…yes it is control that forces Christians to pay for abortions against their conscience. Control that forces everyone to purchase a product or pay a fine. The only more truthful word would be tyranny.

The talking points for Obamacare are nothing but deceitful fear mongering devised to play on the heart strings of the ill informed. Currently no one, including those here illegally is refused treatment, (increasing the costs of those who do have insurance).

In both ME and AZ where Medicaid expansion was implemented, what was found was that there were zero new enrolments of the “poor”; there was however an influx of middle class who cancelled their private insurance and jumped on board of the Medicaid expansion, hugely increasing cost to the State. In NH it is estimate that by 2017 the increase in costs to the State (taxpayers) will be $35.7 million, and by 2021 that increase will be $1.25 billion! This is nothing but fiscal insanity.

Now, knowing the efficiency of government agencies, do you seriously want the IRS involved with your health care? Do you really want the government deciding whether you should have a knee replacement or receive kidney treatment? If the government has the power to turn the IRS loose on a political opponent now - which they have done, how much more dangerous once they control your health care?

If Obamacare were truly about helping the poor, it would have targeted only the poor, not taken over the entire health care industry. It is government meddling that has increased costs of health care, government is as usual, the problem not the solution.

Deception is not only perpetrated by evil people, it is enabled by well meaning people who are ill informed and fall for the bait.

Sue Carroll