, Kingston, NH

July 25, 2013

Senator Ayotte: Don't Delay Implementation of ObamaCare

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---- — Senator Ayotte: Don’t Delay Implementation of ObamaCare

Senator Ayotte must not join the GoP reactionaries who are attempting to delay full implementation of ObamaCare.

Thousands of NH citizens without health insurance are waiting in limbo; she must not let us down..!

The changes proposed by the GOP will leave thousand of Granite Staters without the employer-subsidized coverage they have been promised would begin in January 1014.

This latest move by the GOP’s right wing is another thinly disguised attempt to deny American’s the health care the deserve, another shoddy sell-out to the insurance industry which funds their election campaigns.

The USA is the only industrialized nation without such coverage. It’s working all across Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and in Massachusetts where Romney and the Heritage Foundation backed it years ago.

Plans like this were also proposed long ago by both Nixon and Truman. Costs have been skyrocketing ever since.

It’s time for Senator Ayotte to say farewell to her Tea Party colleagues.

It’s time for Senator Ayotte to throw her support behind this measure and help thousands of her constituents by doing what’s right.

Dr. Malcolm Odell

South Hampton