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July 3, 2014

Atkinson Library’s Amphitheater Court Yard

Atkinson Library’s Amphitheater Court Yard

I’d like to praise and congratulate Atkinson’s Kimball Library Trustees on the successful completion of the amphitheater concert area –“The Court Yard.”

Under the leadership of Trustee Chairman Alan Phair, the Library Trustees did a marvelous job of planning and producing a handicapped-friendly venue for the Timberland Community Band and other performing groups. The amphitheater’s music acoustics are excellent.

A special thank you to all of the many donors whose generosity made it all happen: -- town organizations, local businesses, and caring individuals,-- with special recognition to the Friends of the Library for their fundraising efforts.

I’d also like to send a special message to our senior citizens and mobility-challenged residents who too often have to miss outdoor performances because of their difficulty crossing over grass. The Court Yard is perfectly handicapped-friendly.

There is a special accommodation for users of wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and oxygen carts for those who well-know the difficulty of crossing and moving across grassy areas. On the ground level of the Court Yard, our handicapped-sensitive Trustees put in a paved flag-stoned sitting area with paved access-way for easy access without having to struggle to drag handicap equipment across grass.

For those who would like to use one of the three levels of wall seating, the stairs to those upper levels have gently graduated elevations with handrails to hold on to. Additionally, every three steps there is a landing to rest at and catch your breath.

Atkinson has something special in its Library Courtyard amphitheater and we’re all much indebted to those who made it all happen.

Carol A. Grant


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