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June 26, 2014

Iraq, Etc.

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---- — Iraq, Etc.

Below is a letter that I wrote to Speaker Boehner. Frankly I believe that if we continue to do nothing then we are guilty of our own demise. Please consider writing to speaker boehner at

Dear Speaker Boehner,

President Obama is not napping on Iraq. HIS Government does not care, HIS White House does not care. When ISIS gets Oil Money from Iraq then you will care. Because with Oil money they are coming here! You can bet on it!

On Benghazi we know now that it is irrefutable he lied, Susan Rice was told to lie. We know now for a fact that on the VA Scandal he lied, Internal documents lay out the fact that he knew about the VA. We know he lied on ObamaCare! We also know that he lied when he fed us the line that Al Qaeda is on the run! Bull!

When are you going to get enough guts to begin the Impeachment process before we are all dead from this Nefarious Commander in Chief!

If you are worried about your Job then you don’t belong as Speaker for me. Here is a truthism that you should take home about Eric Cantor’s Loss. The reason he lost with such a treasure of Money is that his constituents were looking for Truth and Honesty and Sincerity. Eric was no longer able to listen to his constituents and even lied grossly about his opponent who beat the pants off him with no money to speak of. He was making policy for himself and his Job. What about you?

What will history say about you? If we are still around to create it…

Edward R. Hale - Vietnam Era Veteran