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Letters to the Editor

June 26, 2014

Texting and Driving

My name is Jack Peters and I am a boy scout in Troop 323. I am working on my Communication Merit Badge. I would like to express my opinion on the laws of texting and driving. Earlier in the year, I had to write a persuasive essay with a topic I could choose. I chose to write my essay on why people should not text and drive.

Part of writing this essay required research, and I found quite a bit of information on the statistics, laws, and the causes and effects regarding texting and driving. The research I did on the statistics of texting and driving concluded that more people die from texting and driving annually, than they do drinking and driving. Right now there is no fee in NH for texting and driving, but if you get caught drinking and driving the fee is $500-$750 or ten days minimum in jail.

I believe that the laws for both should be equal (if not higher) for texting and driving, since texting and driving leads to more deaths than drinking and driving.

Jack Peters

East Kingston




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