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June 26, 2014

Financial Collapse is in our Immediate Future

Financial Collapse is in our Immediate Future

Major powers like Russia, China, the E.U. and OPEC nations are ready to stop using the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and the U.S is to blame because of our policy which arrogantly and imperialistically forces other nations to use our currency for transactions even though it is almost worthless due to Quantitative Easing. In other words we are the only country in the world that can print its way out of paying our debts!

Imagine a scenario where those above-mentioned nations flood the financial markets with the bonds we have sold them. We don’t have the gold or other precious metal commodities to cover the price and all will collapse like a house of cards! Then if they force us to use a new reserve currency like the Chinese Yuan to service our obligations the dollar will be as worthless as the paper it is printed on. The United States government has been lying and covering up the mess we’re in for decades and the world has had enough! Why is our govt. arming all it’s agencies to the teeth and buying billions of rounds of ammo unless they know it’s coming and are prepared to make America a prison camp rather than prepare us for the inevitable disaster they have caused?

I am not a panic monger but you have to see the way the world is acting towards our financial shenanigans and they want out of the dollar. Who will be ready for this coming crisis? The IMF already wants our govt. to impose a ten percent tax on all savings and investments like what Cyprus did. What about the FATCA law set to start on July first that will force all banks worldwide to track all dollar related financial dealings and impose taxes on them? Do you think countries can afford to do this imposition on their banks? I believe they will dump the dollar completely. This is a setup for disaster that the govt. knows is coming and refuses to deal with realistically.

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