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Letters to the Editor

June 26, 2014

The Gang of Three

The Gang of Three

Is it possible to get through to everyone when you want to share your opinion? It is difficult at best to convince anyone who holds blindly on to a lie, that they are heading for a rude awakening. If a lie is the only way to get someone to believe in you then you better not get caught. And if you don’t get caught you continue to lie until someone puts an end to the madness you take no responsibility for.

Imagine no one does. Try to envision a world where you can do no wrong and anything goes; as long as it keeps you in control and you get what you want. How about you have so much control that you can make others do your bidding and make even others pay for your vision of what life should be like. Now try to encompass all desires and necessities of everybody else.

Now that you’ve come this far; why not force people to accept your dumping their wallets on the table, taking what you need for your plans and the rest goes to the hapless victim of your dream? Socialism, communism are two of that type of thinking where a benevolent dictator or collection of them impose their way of thinking on their subjects where there is no recourse other than resistance or death to oppose them. Unless, of course, they look at what they are doing to the people real closely and recognize they are no different and are subject to the laws of nature and nature’s God. Wow, they might even come to realize that everyone has rights endowed by their creator including the right to pursue happiness.

What if these people of power and wealth stopped trying to make things how they want things to be and let people be free to choose what they want to buy, and not be forced to buy something they don’t need or want. What would the world be like if the govt. stopped trying to create a world it thinks we need and let us decide how to enjoy our God given right to life? There are good laws that God has commanded to be kept but, with our free will many choose to ignore them. The only reason our world is in peril is that it has decided it’s creator has no jurisdiction on it’s direction.

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