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Letters to the Editor

June 26, 2014

"Painted Echoes at Sunrise"

“Painted Echoes at Sunrise”

As dawn breaks I step out into the cool morning air, take a deep breath, and view what life and nature with all of its unbound illusions has surrounded me with on this day.

I look about with clarity and insight at what is being revealed to me within the painted echoes of

beauty, light and shadows.

I hear the faint, often muted sound of the wind as it reaches out to offer me a ride as it moves with tyle and grace in an unimpeded dance and patterns of reflection through the branches of the trees.

I watch in awe as the sun rises higher in the sky giving one a feeling of enchantment as its life giving warmth moves slowly across the dew Laden emerald green grass of spring.

I am always amazed watching the sun as it reaches my flower garden and the flowers slowly open their petals in celebration of what the golden rays of this day have given them. At my wildflower garden I see a lone butterfly sitting atop a milkweed stalk who’s pod has yet to open.

I smile watching the goldfinch at a thistle feeder, their winter grey and brown gone. Their feathers are again golden yellow. The cardinal has retained its red brilliance, its mate her light tan. There is a sense of excitement and purpose in the air as the birds scurry about picking up twigs and grass to build their nests. The time of rebirth is near.

I have been deeply moved by what my eyes have seen and what my heart has felt in the hidden moments of this day. As the soft blush of twilight begins and the petals of the flowers close, it is time for contemplation and the inner peace of the night.

The winds of change seem to be all around me and night has fallen. I dance within its eternal shadows with a serene feeling that the soft tapestry of this day has wrapped me in its awakening embrace and I sleep.

John B. Dube, Sr.

East Hampstead

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