, Kingston, NH

Letters to the Editor

June 19, 2014

OLI has Filed

He’s done it again. Oli has once again filed to be our State Representative. Normally, that would be great. In this case, not so great. Oli’s name is six letters long, but since he has only voted thirty-percent of the time, why should we not return the favor and shorten his name? His voting record is terrible. He did not vote seventy-percent of the time. When we sent him to Concord last election, we did not intend to send a 1/3 Representative. We voted to send a 100% Representative of District 34, but we got a 30-percent Representative.

I have also filed, but I promise to be involved and represent this area. My background speaks for itself. I have served as President of Rotary, President of NH Jaycees, Secretary of a local association for 20 years. If I am appointed or elected to do a job, I do it 100%.

You get what you ask for. If you resend “OLI” to Concord, don’t complain if you only get 30-percent representation.

If you want to check out his voting record, go to this State site,

Joel Saren

East Hampstead




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