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Letters to the Editor

June 19, 2014

Leftist Spin Doctors

I read with dismay as fellow Americans defend the actions and policies of this rogue administration, and ask are you paying attention? We have a 17 trillion dollar debt and growing daily, we face 214 trillion in unfunded liabilities. In April alone 800,000 more Americans left the workforce; the workforce participation rate sits at 62.8% the lowest in 36 years. The first quarter economic growth was a dismal 0.1%, the lowest ever recorded. If you look at actual unemployment numbers (not the fabrication presented by the state controlled media) the true number sits at 23% ( Mac Slavo). The roles for welfare, food stamps, WIC, etc are swelled exponentially. Our coal and natural gas industry has been taxed and regulated into oblivion – one of the few promises this Prez has kept. As the printing presses roll devaluing our dollar, America is teetering on the edge of destruction economically as well as morally. The damage done in the past 5 years is not only mind boggling, but it is intentional. Obama and company sell our natural resources to the Chinese and rob Americans of the fruits of their labor, while some seem to cheer on Big Gov, to steel even more.

The left loves to attack the 1%, especially the Koch Bros. Well let’s take an honest look at who makes up the 1%: Wall Street, Hollywood, George Soros (and his army of organizations), Buffett, Gates, all who heavily donate to the left, and one is in addition a propaganda arm for the left. Large corporations that donate to the left GE, Apple and Pfizer, just to name three, these three ironically hold between 57 Billion and 100 Billion respectively in off shore accounts, besides creating more jobs overseas than here in America.

So I ask just what has Obama and company done to help better America. Four Americans died in Benghazi as Obama sold weapons to Al Quada, he supports the Muslim Brotherhood and appoints them to key positions within our government, he picks and chooses which laws he will obey and/or enforce. He has twisted our Constitution to mean whatever he wants it to mean. He has used unelected bureaucrats in the plethora of “alphabet agencies” as a weapon against his political enemies, his intent to force Christians to pay for the murder of babies is criminal, he has devastated our military, declared Patriotic Americans to be homegrown terrorists, disparaged America and her heritage at every opportunity, bows to our enemies, and turns his back on our allies. All whilst he spends more tax money on elaborate vacations and golf games than any President in History.

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